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People love to shoot targets, but it's often hard to see where you hit. Spüt Targets not only fix that problem, they do it in a fun and safe way. Spüt Targets keep you from running back and forth to see where you hit by making different colored "poofs" that are visible at a distance. Each target contains two colors, allowing you to see a bullseye in real time. 

The inside of a Spüt Target
red target
orange target
Blue target
Green Target
red, blue, orange, and green target

Each target contains 121 pockets of powder, meaning that each shot will poof without draining the entire target of powder. Spüt Targets work with whatever caliber you like to shoot, from pellets up to the big stuff.

4 targets being shot at once

Spüt Powder is non-toxic and biodegradable.

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