4 Pack + H-Frame

4 Pack + H-Frame

SKU: 0002

This standard pack of Spüt Targets contains four powder filled targets plus one H Frame target stand. The colors included are Red, Blue, Orange & Green. Each target comes filled with 121 pockets of powder consisting of two colors. White areas on the target contain no powder.


    KEEP DRY. Each target is roughly 7" x 5.5". The targets rely on the dry powder inside to properly poof. We seal the packs in airtight plastic in a low humidity environment to ensure the best results. Once the pack is open, use immediately or store in a low moisture environment.

    The powder is responsibly dyed cornstarch and fully biodegradable. The cardboard targets are also fully biodegradable. The H Frame stand is, of course, metal. Please reuse and enjoy.


    Return any unopened product for replacement or refund.

    ...but seriously, the return shipping will cost you a ton, so we'll just do our best to make sure the product is consistently great, and you do your best to enjoy them.

    Just contact us if there's a problem and we'll work it out.

    - Your friends at Spüt Targets -